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Monday, December 19, 2011

Malindi makes Kenya shine

Malindi is situated in the north of Mombasa in Kenya. The town is quite old but it has magnificent ancient buildings and dated pottery shards. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kenya; Malindi will be a good start for you. There are sensational Malindi hotels that afford guests with luxury comfort and relaxation. Most of the Malindi hotels are located in the main beach which is in Malindi Bay.

On the other side of the Bay, there is a place called Silversands. Previously, people used to go there because of the casino and night clubs. However, Malindi has ancient mosques, golf course, market and the renowned Malindi Marine National Park. These are just the few attractions that Kenya prides itself in. To add on that, there is a fishing club that is always flooded by stalwarts all over the globe. Moreover, Kenya has set numerous records in the fishing industry and that has caused it to become one of these festive holidays’ getaways.

Kenya has been recorded as a third world country; however, the hotels in Malindi are phenomenal, the people are stunning, the sea is amazing, the weather is epic, gamelife is abundant and there is so much more that will make you wonder why is the country in the third worldcategory. Perhaps the country might be struggling financially, but when it comes to accommodation wise, Malindi hotels are just stunning and should be visited by anyone who loves leisure or anyone who is on a business trip.

Even though there is a heavy reliance on tourism, Malindi still brings life in Kenya because of the reefs, the beaches and the accommodation in Malindi. The Bay is superb, as mentioned above, but take time to participate in other activities such as visiting the forever busy and colourful market, the shops, tourist boutiques, beauty salons and also get to listen to the beautiful sound of the Swahili language.

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