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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Island Style" Mombasa

by Candis Poley

Day 1:
An early start and eager to visit Mombasa in Kenya.  Boarding the flight at 07:45 and 3 and a half hours later we in Mombasa.  As I step off the plane I immediately feel the hot and humid tropical air of Mombasa.  

I think I should go to the “ladies” and change into something more “Island style”.  

Greeted by the warm and friendly people of Mombasa we are transferred to the South coast of Mombasa.  “Wow” what an eye opener Mombasa is more modern than I thought I we drive to the South Coast.  I notice little shopping centre’s called “Naku mat” which hosts a Woolworths and Mr Price.  

What I find really interesting and unique is that we have to get onto a ferry and when I say we;  I mean literally the whole mini-van and luggage onto a ferry to cross over to the South Coast of Mombasa.  What an experience!

Upon arrival at Leopard beach Resort we are welcomed with warm towels and cool cocktails.  Walking down to the beach I discover white sands and blue waters – the atmosphere is serene and peaceful; what bliss.  We ended the day with great food, a live band, fine wine and good company.

Day 2:

Our beaches in Africa are amazing.  Today we explore more of the South Coast;  the beaches are brochure perfect! We has all just gone for a swim; and the water is warm and inviting. We ended the day with sundowners at the beach bar at the Diamonds Neptune Palm Resort.

Day 3: 

Another inviting sunrise in Mombasa,  the highlight of the day was the delightful lunch at Serena Beach Village;  nothing beats the taste of fresh seafood “just caught”  and put into the hot pan. 

Day 4: 

An early start.  We all ready and geared for a day in Tsavo National Park.  As we journey to the National Park we experience a bit of city traffic;  similar to the peak hour traffic one would experience in Johannesburg – who would have thought. However this traffic was more enjoyable as we had excellent company and a great picnic style breakfast compliments of Neptune Beach Hotel.

What a day filled with adventure and awesome game viewing,  a lion to my left and a dazzle of Zebra’s to my right. We encounter a true 4x4 adventure by getting stuck in the mud;  our very professional and knowledgeable guides manage to get us free.  What an adrenaline rush being stuck in the middle of the wilderness with wild animals roaming freely.

We arrive at our very “top notch” hotel Sarova White Sands at around 18:00 this evening.  All exhausted from the Safari adventure;  we still managed to enjoy a full on buffet with great live entertainment at the Sarova White Sands. 

In a nut-shell Mombasa is a great destination with lots to do and see!

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