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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pemba hotel in Mozambique is the perfect playground

The recent discovery of giant natural gas deposits off the north coast of Mozambique will surely lead to a boom in the country’s economy and consequently increased tourism which is sure to benefit the hospitality industry. Already there are a number of good hotels on the coastline that are popular with leisure travellers in particular and will no doubt be used increasingly by those doing business in the country in the wake of spin-offs from the gas find.

African Encounters’ special packages are offered by top travel agents in South Africa and elsewhere and a hotel in Mozambique that they highly recommend is in the historic port of Pemba. The town is on the north coast of the country at the gateway to the Quirimbas Archipelago and the Pemba Beach Hotel and Spa has wide appeal. There’s an Arabian influence evident in the East African architecture and the hotel’s facilities and services are competitive with those at respectable accommodation establishments the world over.

Only a five-minute drive from the international airport nearby, Pemba Beach Hotel is particularly well frequented by families on holiday, fun-lovers with a thirst for adventure and romantics in search of secluded beaches and amazing sunsets. There are plenty of water-sports to enjoy, the fishing is good and the diving sites are fantastic. And when you get thirsty or hungry – or just feel like chilling somewhere with a wonderful view – there are several options to choose from.

At the nearby Clube Naval (club) there’s a marina where snacks are served. The hotel’s Niassa Bar is the place to enjoy a round of drinks amongst a collection of wildlife trophies. And the Quirimbas Restaurant is where to head for when you’re in the mood for seafood delicacies or one of the other dishes for which the region is famous. Pemba’s top restaurant has air-conditioning indoors, although many guests prefer al-fresco dining on the terrace where they can choose between delicious á la carte dishes or buffet specials.

And the Pemba Beach Hotel is already preparedfor the influx of business visitors bound to result from the gas finds out to sea. The Delgado Conference Room is geared to host up to 200 people, and the Mueda Boardroom is just as well equipped for smaller get-togethers.

Egypt, the perfect destination

Egypt is one of the most countries to be visited this festive season. The country is not just about the pyramids, but visitors are also afforded with a chance of participating in numerous activities whilst staying in luxurious hotels in Egypt. Even though most people don’t celebrate Christmas in Egypt, it does not mean that the festive season spirit dies. Guests still enjoy their holidays because Egypt is a wonderful place to tour.

Touring Egypt is a bit unique since it has unusual sea and different sands, but still manages to attract thousands of visitors. Because of its culture and fantastic climate, the country has managed to gather tourists from all corners of the world. For those who are on holiday, Egypt has sensational accommodation ranging from luxury lodges to 5star hotels. Tourists are always eying the River Nile and the Pyramids of Cairo without realising that there are other fascinations such as watching world class belly dancers and visiting the colourful market place.

It goes without saying that Egypt is one of the most impressive, unique and fascinating destinations in the world. The hotels in Egypt offer something for every age group. These resorts awards guests with the opportunity of enjoying the luxuries of a typical summer holiday. On the other hand, you can finish off your day by sipping a cold-complimentary sun-downer as you watch the clashing waves of the sea. If the Egyptian friendly faces won’t do it, then the unparalleled beaches of the red sea will definitely make you pack your summer kit and head for Egypt.

If you are a first timer in the country, you will realise that Egypt is for the adventurous and the curious at heart. And if you want to learn more about culture, then Egypt is the perfect place for you and your children to experience.

Have a glance at what Malindi offers

A lot of people think that countries like Kenya are just old and wry. What gets them perplexed, however, is when they have a glance at what some of the Malindi resorts offers. Malindi is one of Kenya’s beautiful towns. Guests get to enjoy a luxury tropical retreat on one of the country’s finest beaches. Spending time in the beach is fun, but it is essential to find the best accommodation at the end of the day. That’s why Malindi resorts afford everyone with an ambience of relaxed sophistication, leisure, sensational facilities and world class rooms.

Malindi resorts have spacious rooms that have either double or twin beds. Additionally, these magnificent rooms overlook the beautiful beach and guarantees guests with panoramic views. The rooms also have first class bathrooms, air conditioners, telephones and for those who love the sceneries – outdoor balconies are just the perfect setting. Should you feel hungry, Malindi incorporates restaurants that serve divine cuisine. The waiters are welcoming and forever working hard in assuring the best customer service.

During the festive season kids are at home and probably getting on your nerves. Having a glance at what Malindi resorts offers shouldn’t be too bad as a holiday getaway for the rest of the family. I mean with so much to do, the kids will die for activities that are at Malindi Bay. One of the famous activities is horse riding. Your kids will get a chance to ride some of the fittest horses in the world, under the watchful eyes of highly trained staff. Most of the rides are conducted in the mornings and afternoons, but it really depends on the weather. Some of the resorts in Malindi are fully booked already, and clients will be referred to other Malindi resorts and lodges.

Most of the resorts in Malindi are flooded now that the festive season is underway. Even more guests are expected to flock in as we approach Christmas. All in all, if you do get a chance to visit Kenya, make sure that you have a peek at what the Malindi resorts have to offer.

Summer holidays in Maputo

Welcome to the capital city of Mozambique, Maputo. Maputo is a very big city that has plenty attractions and activities to participate in. Even if you are not a fan of history, Maputo has rich history that will leave you nodding your head in disbelief. There are beautiful architectural buildings and magnificent accommodation in Maputo. One thing that will make your summer a lovely one is to go for shopping downtown and see all the fancy stuff that you will like. You will also find banks, coffee shops and restaurants where you will sit, relax and mingle with the locals.

However, for this wonderful summer holiday in Maputo to be possible, you need to book yourself in one of the Maputo accommodation so that you will stand a chance of enjoying all the luxuries that the hotels and resorts offer. Accommodation in Maputo has been designed to help you blend with the nature whilst you escape the commercial city. The accommodation rates in Maputo are quite reasonable putting into consideration that the cuisine is delicious with local ingredients cooked in Maputo or Portuguese style. If you love water sports, make sure that you avail yourself for boat trips and swimming in the Macaneta beach.

With great hospitality and warmth, Maputo accommodation is popular for providing guests with leisure and class. Most of the hotels are less than 10km from the Maputo International Airport. For convenience, it is advisable to find accommodation in Maputo that is nearby the airport. The rooms are phenomenal with first class décor and linen. All rooms offer spacious comfort and detailed luxury. The facilities come with internet connectivity, business centre and sensational conference rooms. Dining offers visitors the opportunity of tasting local and international cuisines. Maputo is solid and driving is great, but watch your speed. As you drive along, you will come across different Maputo accommodations which are popular getaway spots for the Maputo habitats.

Egypt considered the tip of Africa

Passport, valid visa, summer kit-- are the essentials that most people pack when travelling to Egypt. For those who don’t know, the Great Pyramid at Giza is said to be one of the seven wonders that is still standing. Furthermore, travelling to Egypt will grant your family an opportunity of having fun and learning about all that the tip of Africa has to offer. With activities and sites in abundance, people who travel to Egypt will tell you that they will go back any time.

The Egyptian beaches offer a great selection of water sports that kids will love and give you a peace of mind as you lie on the warm and refreshing beach sand. For an adrenaline traveller, you can go to Sharm El Sheikh and get to participate in coral reefs that will offer you a deep exploitation and an adventurous holiday. For profligate travellers, Egypt has great clubbing scenes. When the sun goes down, partying spirits go up. The Egyptian nightlife has sensational restaurants and bars that will make your holiday remarkable. If you are young and enjoy clubbing, travelling to Egypt will be the greatest decision you’ve ever made. Clubbing in Cairo will be a memorable experience.

Egypt can get really hot that’s why most people enjoy visiting the country in winter. However, if you love sunshine and the heat, then this festive season is calling out your name. The beaches are amazing being complimented by soft and white sands that you will never see anywhere in the world, but Egypt. Travelling Egypt is mainly about chilling on the magnificent beaches, submersing yourself in the thrilling underwater theme park and resting in one of the best accommodation in Egypt. As you travel throughout the country, you will also encounter the mystifying tombs of the pharaohs and the mighty River Nile. All of this can be accessed right at the tip of Africa, Egypt.

Malindi makes Kenya shine

Malindi is situated in the north of Mombasa in Kenya. The town is quite old but it has magnificent ancient buildings and dated pottery shards. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kenya; Malindi will be a good start for you. There are sensational Malindi hotels that afford guests with luxury comfort and relaxation. Most of the Malindi hotels are located in the main beach which is in Malindi Bay.

On the other side of the Bay, there is a place called Silversands. Previously, people used to go there because of the casino and night clubs. However, Malindi has ancient mosques, golf course, market and the renowned Malindi Marine National Park. These are just the few attractions that Kenya prides itself in. To add on that, there is a fishing club that is always flooded by stalwarts all over the globe. Moreover, Kenya has set numerous records in the fishing industry and that has caused it to become one of these festive holidays’ getaways.

Kenya has been recorded as a third world country; however, the hotels in Malindi are phenomenal, the people are stunning, the sea is amazing, the weather is epic, gamelife is abundant and there is so much more that will make you wonder why is the country in the third worldcategory. Perhaps the country might be struggling financially, but when it comes to accommodation wise, Malindi hotels are just stunning and should be visited by anyone who loves leisure or anyone who is on a business trip.

Even though there is a heavy reliance on tourism, Malindi still brings life in Kenya because of the reefs, the beaches and the accommodation in Malindi. The Bay is superb, as mentioned above, but take time to participate in other activities such as visiting the forever busy and colourful market, the shops, tourist boutiques, beauty salons and also get to listen to the beautiful sound of the Swahili language.

Newly renovated hotels in Maputo elicit world class accommodation

With lots of activities and wildlife, Maputo still proves to be one of the best getaway holidays. Maputo has some of the finest hotels in Africa with awesome facilities. Some of the hotels in Maputo recently underwent extensive renovation. The renovations are so epic in a way that the hotels have taken up an image of world class amenities.

From historical buildings to scenic spots, Maputo just has numerous attractions that can be enjoyed and loved by any traveller. On the other hand, you will encounter vintage colonial palaces and new high-rise constructions.

Hotels are designed to afford locals and visitors with splendid accommodation, and that is exactly what the hotels in Maputo have. The rooms are spacious with comfortable beds and linen. There are also sensational restaurants that have divine cuisine. Guests are afforded with a unique dining experience. For those who want to relax and have a chilling sessions, a Spa, swimming pool, beautiful gardens, exclusive lounge and balconies. All these are designed to create that peace of mind and commercial escape.

Maputo has a hectic town that is forever flooded with business people and their allies. They also need accommodation. To cover that area, Maputo has brilliant hotels for business executives that will grant them with quietness, convenience and majestic conference rooms. When it comes to location, the hotels are situated in the most prestigious avenues making it easy to reach international embassies, shops, restaurants and government buildings.

When heading off to the western side of Maputo, you will come across stunning hotels that are ideally located and designed for leisure stay, business and all types of meetings and training. Twin rooms, executive suites, family suites, colour TV, air-conditioners and security on point – is what you will experience in these hotels in Maputo. Conference rooms come with office supports such as fax, photocopying, computers, internet and other necessary equipment.