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Monday, January 30, 2012

The beautiful Malindi Resorts

If a peaceful getaway is something you desire then Malindi is definitely the place for you, located North of Mombasa Island in Kenya this is a town with a very strong history going back to as early as the 13th century. You can find evidence of Malindi in Arabic records and dated pottery shards. A holiday destination for any occasion at any given time Malindi Bay is packed with the opulent, gorgeous, extravagant Malindi resorts stretching throughout the 7km Bay.

You may visit Malindi to experience the life, history and culture of Kenya or you can to enjoy the long white sandy beaches and excellent services that makeMalindi resorts a sought after travel attraction.
Here are a few Malindi resorts worth checking out:
  • Diamonds Malindi Beach

This 23 – room resort comes with African-Arabian furniture, a beautiful garden and views of the sea. The hotel offers a safari, visits to a real Massai village and snorkeling trip in the Marine Park or trips to the Lamu Island.
  • Ocean Beach Resort

This deluxe five star hotel brings a unique tropical feel of the early 20th century style with wooden roofs and elegant wooden floors if you are looking to create a special moment then the Ocean Beach Resort is definitely for you.
  • African Pearl Hotel

This 30 room hotel is mostly appreciated by business travelers with parking available at all times and pets always allowed. This hotel offers balcony rooms upon reservation as well air condition, outdoor pool, great bar and restaurant as well internet access in all hotel rooms. While in Malindi be sure to hit the night clubs, maybe even try your poker hand at the casino, enlighten your spirit by visiting the ancient mosques, get some souvenirs at the market and do a bit of golfing at the golf course and country club. The Malindi Marine National Park is also a great tourist attraction not to mention the fish market where you can purchase a very interesting dinner fresh out of the Kenyan sea. 

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