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Monday, January 30, 2012

Mozambique An Amazing Getaway Destination

Mozambique is an amazing getaway destination that definitely has something for everyone. There are crystal blue waters that offer many activities such as diving, fishing and swimming. There is also wonderful seafood found around. There are many Mozambican holiday packages to choose from weekend, honeymoon, conference, wedding and incentive group packages. All the packages are designed based on budget and/or the holiday needs you require.

The types of hotels and resorts found in Mozambique range from beautiful, rustic thatch chalets, to very luxurious 5 star hotels, lodges are also found in all their glamour not forgetting the beautiful beach resorts. For some Mozambican history be sure to visit the Ilha of Mozambique; a fascinating place which offers tourists knowledge about the culture and history of Mozambique. There are also many secluded beaches further up the coast around the cities of Inhambane and Tofo which can only be accessible by four wheel vehicles. For a different, quiet beach experience take a drive to one of these exclusive beaches, you get to make new and fun memories. If you want to witness the sea and all the fishes in the great blue sea, make sure to visit the Island of Inhaca a popular spot diving and snorkeling. Check out the vibrant nightlife in Maputo travel around the interesting markets and see what it is you can by your friends and family back home all in all get to enjoy your holiday in Mozambique there literally is no place like it.

There is a lot to learn and experience with regards to Mozambique as such one needs to explore all the different sites and attractions from museums all the way to diving hotspots. The cuisine in Mozambique is also one worth experiencing making your stay a memorable one in the beautiful African gem known as Mozambique.

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