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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kite-surfing Heaven – Paje, Zanzibar

by Juan Nel

Not a lot of people know but Zanzibar is one of the best kite-surfing areas for beginner kite-surfers as well as awesome opportunity for professionals to try out new tricks. But a lot of people do not even know what kite-surfing is, because it’s such a new sport. So let’s start at the definition before we go into how Zanzibar is the best venue for kite-surfing. Kite-surfing is an adventure surface water sport that has been described as combining wakeboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, and gymnastics into one extreme sport. Kite-surfing harnesses the power of the wind to propel a rider across the water on a small surfboard or a kite-board (similar to a wakeboard). If this definition doesn’t help, I hope the pictures in this post will.

One of the best companies on the island with the best kite-surfing spot is Paje by Kite, situated on the Southeast coast of Zanzibar in the Paje village area. Paje by Kite is very conveniently located within an incredibly beautiful tropical kite-surfing heaven, with its waist deep turquoise sandy bottom lagoons and conditions that cater for kite-surfers of all levels.
The lagoons on low and neap tides offer butter flat free style pools that keep even the hungriest of pros satisfied and on the other hand offer the perfect place for beginners to do their first metres on the board. There is plenty of space so the two don’t interfere with each other. Paje is also one of the easiest places for intermediate riders who have done a kite course and now just need the time on the water to become more confident and practise the water start. For more confident riders paje by Kite have professional lessons in wave riding and freestyle, which will make it that much easier for you to reach that level you dreamt off.

If the wind is on, paje by Kite offer and organise kite trips and down-winders around the island from the majestic sand islands in the west to the pristine endless coastline of the east. Paje By Kite is the only kite station with a 17ft 125hp kite boat brought in to satisfy all adventurous kite-surfers that want to find the perfect spot.

If there is no wind, there are many activities to keep you entertained and make sure that you will return home with many good memories of Zanzibar. To mention just some:
•    wakeboarding
•    tubing
•    boat cruises
•    snorkelling trips
•    diving
•    motorbike tours and local tours around the island
African Encounters can also offer you good and very affordable accommodation for your stay in Paje. One of these places is Paje by Night. With its funky and vibrant atmosphere, Paje is the place to go to have fun in a relaxed setting close to a beautiful beach. If you're allergic to fancy resorts and want something more in touch with its surroundings, Paje by Night is the place to be. This vibrant, budget hotel, situated near the magnificent Paje beach on the eastern coast of Zanzibar, simply oozes character and charm. Paje by Night has one of the best atmospheres on the island, thanks to the brilliant team of fun-loving managers and staff. A friendly Italian named Marco, whose lively character is infectious, runs it. You're bound to love him and feel instantly relaxed. The barmen and waiters are equally vibey and great to be around, making Paje's bar the social hub of the area (hence the name Paje by Night). The restaurant serves excellent meals at a reasonable price and is well-regarded in the area.

Call it what you will, Paje by Night is somewhere in-between a funky backpackers, a beach guesthouse and a small, budget hotel. It doesn't look like much on arrival, but don't let that faze you. The management has done its utmost to spruce up the place. As you walk around you'll see ethnic paintings and colourful patterns decorating the walls, hammocks calling out to be lazed on, a craft centre full of gorgeous things to buy and gardens flourishing in-between the coral pathways. The rooms are simple, but very comfortable, clean and tidy.

African Encounters will have affordable kite-surfing & accommodation combination packages coming soon...

Pictures by Shayne Thomas Photography

Kite-surfing 101 @ Paje by Kite:


Anonymous said...

I have kitesurfed at Pleasnt Beach a few years ago when visiting family, in Buffalo. The beach is great people were surfing and the kitesurfing was way better than I ever would have dreamed. It was like the ocean but better because the water was fresh, not salty. This is a great blog, I found it on kiteblog.com.
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Juan Nel said...

Very interesting Sara. We will have a look.

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