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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

JKIA operations update Today's News

Following the fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport last week, the Kenya Airports Authority has advised that for international departures, Kenya Airways is operating from Unit 3 and other airlines are operating from Unit 2.

To improve the passenger check-in process, additional tented waiting areas have also been created outside both units. A map of the current airport layout can be downloaded here. Additional airport holding facilities are being constructed.

Since August 12, Kenya Airways has been operating at 75% of its planned capacity.
The airline said its prime focus remained transporting passengers to their final destination while clearing the backlog in Nairobi and other stations to enable the airline to resume normal operations.

Meanwhile, SAA resumed its daily flights between Johannesburg and Nairobi on August 9. 

By Jeanette Phillips for eTnw taken from: http://www.etnw.co.za/NewsDetails.aspx?newsId=69404&tiuniqueid=5307358f712dba07ab3a21f109d0fb2b [13.08.2013]

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