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Monday, October 7, 2013

MY TRIP TO ZANZIBAR by Andisa Mesatywa


It has always been my dream to join the Travel industry, not only to travel the world but to also meet different people and learn about different cultures. Many people get so caught up in their own cultures and never take the time to see and learn about all the different things that happen around them.

I was given an opportunity to travel to Zanzibarthis year in August, my first trip outside South Africa, what an amazing journey it was. If only I could relive that moment again believe me I would. Traveling brings about so many exciting moments, and this I experienced on my trip. I never knew how amazing it is to travel to a place that is outside you own comfort zone.


On this trip to Zanzibar I travelled with different kinds of people from different back grounds, we shared quite a few things together, and I learned something from each and every one of them. The relationships I built with them will forever live upon me.

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Zanzibar is such a beautiful Island; I never knew this until I got there and saw the blue turquoise water. I’ve heard people talking about it, but this time I was the one who was experiencing everything. The beaches are even more beautiful than what they appear in travel magazines, with their white sands and relaxing on the beach under the palm trees.

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Traveling to Zanzibar gave me good knowledge of how other people live out there, how much they value their culture and their beliefs. Seeing how the people from the village live each day makes you think a lot and makes you wonder how they survive.  They don’t have much but they make do with what they have and take a lot of pride in their island and their culture. Some are even gifted in making different and creative things to sell to tourists like bags, bracelets, clothing etc. 
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The most exciting thing I got to do while on the trip was experiencing Stone Town, the islands capital. This is where you get to see the cultural part about Zanzibar; the Swahili atmosphere gives you the chance to experience the living history. The markets and bazaars are found here, most of their historic buildings are located in the heart of Stone Town.  For a complete Zanzibar trip I would advise people to take a little tour around Stone Town and get a feel of the Swahili culture.

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To conclude my story, I have to say Zanzibar is a one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and the experience will forever live on. For as long as I have not travelled around the world and get to see other destinations, by far Zanzibar stands out for me and I’ll definitely go back again for a nice long holiday.

Andisa Mesatywa & Chane Barker in #ZANZIBAR
Andisa Mesatywa & Chane Barker in ZANZIBAR

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