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Monday, October 14, 2013

Zanzibar’s ex-slave market turned into heritage centre

Taken from Daily News Published on Monday, 14 October 2013 02:06 Written by ISSA YUSSUF in Zanzibar

Stone Town, Zanzibar by Juan Nel ©

THE people in Zanzibar have expressed happiness about the creation of a heritage centre at the former slave market in Stone Town, which is likely to increase the number of tourists in the isles.


Minister for Information, Tourism, Culture and Sports, Mr Said Ali Mbarouk, said at the launch of the new heritage centre that the development would boost tourism in Zanzibar.


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The tourism sector accounts for about 27 per cent of the GDP and more than 75 per cent of foreign earnings. Creation of the heritage centre on the site of the former slave market, preservation of Christ Church cathedral and support for the Wakf Commission are projects being supported by European Union.


 Stone Town, Zanzibar by Juan Nel ©

The three-year project is being implemented by the World Monuments Fund (WMF) and its partners, the Anglican Church of Tanzania - Zanzibar (ACTZ), the Zanzibar Stone Town Heritage Society and the British charity, Christian Engineers in Development.

 Stone Town, Zanzibar by Juan Nel ©

WMF representative at the function, Mr Steven Battle said, “The cultural heritage site is significant for Zanzibaris as well as the world, and we hope that the project will serve as a catalyst for the development of a stronger sense of community identity.”

 Minister for Tourism, Mr Said Ali Mbarouk

Rev. Michael Hafidh and Mr Nuhu Sallanya, both from ACTZ, said the heritage at the former slave market would benefit many people as it was a great opportunity to promote interfaith relations in Zanzibar. The religious leaders also thanked the EU Commission, through its 10th Development Fund, the United States through the US Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation, for their generous support which made the long-awaited dream a reality.


Head of the EU delegation, Ambassador Filberto Cerian Sebregondi, said the project was meant to create a heritage centre commemorating the abolition of slavery on the exact same site where the notorious slave trade took place in Zanzibar.

Stone Town, Zanzibar by Juan Nel ©

“Our hope is that the preservation and promotion of this historical site in Stone Town will fuel a sense of common belonging for Zanzibari people and of ownership of their cultural heritage. “It should contribute to building national identity in the diversity, tolerance and solidarity between faiths, communities and people,” said the EU envoy.
Stone Town, Zanzibar by Juan Nel ©

Taken from: http://www.dailynews.co.tz/index.php/local-news/23400-zanzibar-s-ex-slave-market-turned-into-heritage-centre [14.10.2013]

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